Welcome back to Holker! Sounds like you had a beautiful (and productive) first day back. Love that you pushed through the initial resistance and got sketching - that finished piece looks great! And totally hear you on the benefits of plein air - it's amazing how nature and a bit of art can completely reset your mind. Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches!

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Hi Ayesha, thank you for your encouragement, it was so lovely to read this. Plein air takes all the concentration doesn't it, I'm finding it so valuable right now. I'm glad you liked my sketch thank you!

Do you paint or draw outside?


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well, let's just say I admire your artistic adventures from the sidelines for now. But who knows, maybe your amazing work will inspire me to pick up a brush someday! Your unique style is truly captivating – keep rocking those outdoor masterpieces!

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