I’m Sue to those who know me and I’m an artist. So what does my writing have to offer you?

Inspiration and connections….chats with like-minded souls around the intersection of life and art. Let’s talk about what we love and what lights us up. Let’s share our experience of life as creatives.

I believe creativity is our biggest gift. It’s the lens we get to see and understand ourselves through with the greatest clarity. It keeps us interested, motivated and leads us into new realms. Making art, writing, ceramics or whatever is your passion is self-growth. We are continually looking to learn or try something new. It is a journey.

There is an ebb and flow, we are not in a constant momentum. We are attuned to the seasons, to the world around us which affects our sometimes delicate equilibrium.

I will write about these things. About living life as a creative being and sharing my perspective on my little corner of the globe. I will write about learning, growing and being in flow, or not, with my art. I will write about books I’ve read. And I will tell you about my favourite place in the world which is down on the Leven estuary near our caravan in Cumbria.

And occasionally, I will tell you about making art too. I’ll share work in progress, the thoughts and depth that go into making my paintings, sharing my inspiration. I like to paint and sketch en plein air in the summer, I’ll share this too.

A little bit about me …

I’m learning as I go. It’s what I’ve done these past 10 years through one medium to the next. I’ll write more about that.

I’m self taught and I often, well actually mostly, find things out the hard way.

I’m an intuitive artist, which means I mainly have no idea how my paintings will turn out.

I am a tea-oholic who loves to read.

I’ve often been described as ‘too sensitive’.

I have an aging beagle who I love dearly but has driven me to absolute distraction and beyond over the years.

I used to ride motorbikes and was a lover of Electronic Dance Music which I have mostly grown out of now.

This is a completely new adventure for me and I hope you’ll find it inspiring.

Tell me about you, what you love and what lights you up. Let’s share our experience of life as creatives.

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Let's talk about art and life, the ebb and flow. On evolving from 'here' to 'there'. Come join me in my explorations, connect and be inspired.


Abstract artist, exploring the allusive in words and pictures. Art. Life. Nature. A sensitive soul's musings.